Product & Types

The Product

All of our insulation products are made from 100% natural sheep’s wool, derived from the wool textile industry and repurposed by shredding the textile to produce loose-fill blow-in wool insulation.  Our wool can be used in exactly the same way as traditional insulation products, providing extremely efficient insulation with excellent warming and cooling properties for walls, floors, ceiling and roofs of traditional homes, tiny homes, camper/van conversions, as well as commercial and industrial buildings.

Health and Safety
Oregon Shepherd wool insulation also contains naturally-occurring Solubor with Sodium Borate, giving it excellent resistance to pests and improving wool’s inherent resistance to repelling fire.  Oregon Shepherd’s proprietary bonding system uses natural proteins to chemically bond the borate molecules to the wool protein chain; this assures the end-user of a lifetime of fire and vermin resistance. Our insulation is easy to handle, requiring no special protective clothing or equipment during installation or throughout the serviceable life of the building.  For those with sensitivities you may choose to use a dust mask and gloves, but not required like other fiberglass insulations.

Resistance to mold and fungus
Wool naturally resists mold and fungus due to its natural moisture transfer properties. Wool Insulation allows your home to breathe by absorbing moisture, chemical, and/or odor laden air and transferring it outside as temperatures change.  A permeable house wrap applied over exterior sub-siding provides for this passive exchange.

Formaldehyde absorption
Tests carried out by the Central Testing Facility in Tokyo, Japan found that when formaldehyde was released into a chamber, wool was able to absorb 96% of the formaldehyde within several hours. This capability is unique to natural fibers.

Wool Insulation products naturally enhance the acoustic properties of a building.

The Environment
Oregon Shepherd wool insulation is energy efficient, using approximately 10% of the embodied energy for production that it takes to manufacture fiberglass insulation. Our products are 100% sustainable, biodegradable, and renewable.

Product Types

PermaLoft® – Natural Wool Blown-In Insulation
Our loose or blown-in insulation called PermaLoft® is terrific for horizontal spaces such as attics or under flooring, as well as for walls in conjunction with our PermaNet containment fabric which is stapled to the studs to hold the loose-fill in place while coverings are being placed and finished.

PermaBatt® Natural Insulation for walls and other framing
Can be hand placed into vertical cavities between framing members in walls.  It is ideal for the remodel/retrofit project.  This process allows for a simple, trouble-free methodology to insulate walls and ceilings. Our ultra thin netting is simply stapled over the framing members and the insulation is hand placed in the framing cavities. Our PermaNet is stapled over the framing members.  It retains the insulation while the wall coverings are being placed and finished.