Energy Codes and Determining your R-Values

The U.S. Department of Energy specifies energy codes, including insulation R-values, that are based upon geographical climate zones (see map below): click here for the US DOE 2018 Residential IECC document.

US DOE Climate Zone Map

These are the insulation ‘requirements’ for each climate zone, according to the “Residential Provisions of the 2018 International Energy Conservation Code”:2018 IECC Insulation R-Value Requirements by Component

There are a number of allowances, exclusions, and special cases accounted for in the document above, and you will want to look at the respective energy code for your state. Also, many cities and even some other counties, townships, and regions may have different code requirements and/or incentives.

Click here for a summary of where our various States are with respect to adopting various IECC criteria, or for information on Commercial Energy Codes which generally differ.

Click below for the code for a specific state (and let us know if we need to update something!):

We are in the process of adding documents for all the states… check back, or contact us!