Here are just a few comments from some of our satisfied clients!

Chemically sensitive client says that Oregon Shepherd’s PermaLoft was the right choice.

Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your product and service. I just came from the house we are constructing. Over the weekend the drywall crew was running a heater to dry out the taping paste. The house is super warm and there was only one heater running downstairs and there is still one outside door that is not installed and the opening is covered by 6mil plastic, so I can see that the insulation will really work well. As I told you when we started the project, my wife is super chemically sensitive. This necessitates every product that is going into the house being tested by her sleeping with it in the bedroom to see if she will react. These reactions appear as migraine headaches, nausea, and restlessness that will not allow her to sleep at night and will carry over at least a day. We tested 5 different fiberglass insulation products, all supposedly “green” or eco-friendly. Every product caused reactions which she could not live with. The last product we tested went out the door in the middle of the night so that she could get back to sleep after taking medication. Your wool product was the only product she did not react to. We made a pillow of the samples you sent us and she slept with in the bed for a month with no reaction at all. At least we know now that if there is something in the new house she is reacting to it will not be the insulation. Thanks again. I am confident we made the right decision to go with your product.

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Dick Wadsworth

I was looking for an alternative to fiberglass insulation, because it’s itchy and bad for your lungs.  I did my homework and chose wool because:

  • It’s fun and easy to work with
  • I heard thatr wool is the best for sound insulation
  • Wool Fibers are hollow and they work much better in this damp climate than recycled cotton or paper
  • There are a lot of sheep in Oregon


Gerry & Christine Tunstall

Support Oregon farmers, keep Oregon Green, and reduce your energy bills! Would you prefer using wool to keep your home warm in winter, or fill your attic with shredded glass? When I called OS,  they calculated the number of batts necessary to insulate our attic. OS made the delivery to our Oregon coast vacation house soon after our order.  I appreciate that the wool was safer than hauling fiberglass batts up the stairs, and through the sleeping loft. An added bonus; wool acts as a filter to improve air quality. We have seen an immediate savings and increase in comfort. Thanks to Oregon Shepherd, our beach house is cozy even if we are not there!


Evan and Gabriel Coulson

Things we like about using wool insulation:

  • A natural, renewable resource.
  • Provides comparable R-value ratings to standard insulation materials.
  • Naturally fire-resistant (we’ve been learning about fire retardant chemicals commonly used in households, and are pretty wigged out to say the least!).
  • Is, by the nature of wool, effective at dealing with the condensation challenges fiberglass or pulp insulation would face from a tiny house.
  • Expands over time instead of clumping.
  • You don’t need to wear a hazmat suit and respirator to install your insulation.  It won’t hurt you.  (The fact that other insulation requires safety equipment to install really says it all right there, right?).
  • SMELLS LIKE SHEEP! (a light, yet pleasant smell if you put your face into it…).

Things we like about Oregon Shepherd:

  • Bob Workman was available on his personal cell phone, after hours, from the beginning to answer all of our questions about their product.
  • They use local (Western United States, anyway) wool instead of importing European wool.
  • The do not use petroleum products in their wool to bind the insulation as some makers do (they use a protein they developed to bind borax to the fibers).
  • Impeccable customer service.  They literally bent over backwards for us.
  • They’re located in Oregon.  Having had the extreme privilege to grow up on the Southern Oregon Coast, it is personally rewarding to have a little Oregon with us wherever this tiny house may take us.

Wayah gave his immediate approval of the use of Sheep’s Wool for insulation!

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